Larger to Lower Unit Conversion Challenge

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Express in Ounces :
20 Pound 6 Ounce
Express in Ounces :
14 Pound 8 Ounce
Express in Yards :
10 Furlong 192 Yard
Express in Ounces :
23 Pint 15 Ounce
Express in Ounces :
21 Pint 1 Ounce
Express in Ounces :
10 Pound 6 Ounce
Express in Pints :
18 Quart 1 Pint
Express in Inches :
28 Foot 8 Inch
Express in Ounces :
28 Pint 5 Ounce
Express in Pounds :
16 Ton 582 Pound
Larger to lower unit conversion challenge is an online test to assess 4th or 5th grade student's math skills on expressing the physical quantities length, volume and mass in higher to smaller unit in pre-algebra or measurement and data (MD) of common core state standards (CCSS) for mathematics.
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