Task Maker: Bring Life for Your Creative Ideas

Utilize your own ideas and materials to nurture the learning process. Task Maker is the creative automation tool for schools, school districts and teachers to create your ideas as creative activities and templates to reinforce your classroom, automate, centrally monitor, find and bridge the learning gaps, make your classroom fun filled and interesting, and seamlessly manage all your classroom curriculum activity records.
What can you do with Task Maker?!

We strongly believe that even a simple idea can make a huge impact in learning process. We always respect your creativity so we have collectively put some important automation tools to help you to bring in all your ideas into the classroom to nurture your students’ learning process. As we know creative minds are everywhere. You can be the source of that sound idea or ideas. By using your own learning materials, you can bring life for your creative ideas, automate with RankUpturn to help your students to explore, learn, practice and value the learning objectives. The below are the RankUpturn readymade templates to knit your ideas with corresponding learning material to build and automate any activities of your curriculum.

Classroom Live Contests

RankUpturn’s Classroom Live Contest help teachers to create, automate and go live with the classroom instantly. A simple tool that can automate and analyze the classroom responses to announce the winner. Teachers can go live with questions and/or objectives count anywhere between 1 to 30 numbers for a single listing.


Experimental study help students to learn by doing. Task Maker allow teachers to create and automate variety of experiments to observe the classroom. Be it a report, screenshot, image upload or workout, Task Maker is a readymade solution to collect, process and maintain any type of response from students.


When it comes to measure the performance of classroom, Quiz is one of an indispensable segments. Add as many questions up to 30 questions for a single listing, select the type of classroom response collection, setup the choices to answer for each question, mark the right choice as Answer for each question, select the ranking method, set the credits, schedule and publish to automate the quizzes to find and bridge the learning gaps.

Mock Tests

Mock Test is also one of the indispensable segments to drive the entire classroom to the learning objectives. Task Maker allow teachers to create, line up and automate different mock tests to measure the performance of the classroom, group or an individual. Task Maker allow teachers to create, line up and schedule all the mock tests to find and bridge the learning gaps with RankUpturn.


Teachers can seamlessly integrate their own or external learning resources to nurture the learning process. Task Maker allow teachers to upload or embed video, upload or embed images, integrate URLs, how-to topics and/or text content that you believe sharing it to your classroom adds more value to the learning process. Line up, schedule and automate all your learning materials to help your students easily understand the core value of the topics or lessons.

Homework and Assignments

Homework is one of the most proven ways for academic success. Task Maker allow teachers to create and schedule different homework or assignment activities to seamlessly collect, process and maintain all the student responses.

Challenges, Assessments and Examinations

Be it summative assessment or formative assessment, Task Maker help teachers to create and automate variety of math activities. Add as many questions or objectives, choose the right response collection model and schedule it to the overall classroom, group or any individual in the classroom to find and bridge the learning gaps.

Events, Surveys and Polls

Task Maker also allow teachers to create and automate events, surveys and polls to collect the classroom responses to know the interests, opinions and votes of students from time to time.

Feedback and Others

The feedback allow teachers to simply setup the feedback and collect the responses from the classroom. The feedback can be anything related to the school, teachers, classroom, students, events, curriculum, teaching, practice etc. Use type Other if you don’t find anything match your idea or content to set your objective and collect the classroom responses.

An Innovative Task and Response Management System

Task Maker help teachers to drive the entire mission to the learning objectives by blending their own ideas and creativity into the classroom and/or using the templates and best practices made available by the school or school district. Using the available Task Maker templates, and response collection and maintenance modules, you can bring your ideas a life and blend in to the classroom to collect, process and maintain the classroom responses to identify and bridge the learning gaps in an automated way!

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