Sensitive Data Security and Privacy

We always adhere to strict security procedures and use latest technologies to safeguard your user account and personal data. The security and privacy of your personal information is always one of our top most priorities. We use different encryption algorithms and techniques to store and safeguard your personally identifiable or sensitive data.
Data Security, Privacy and Encryption

Your Content is 100% Yours and Private

We never look into your content and/or share your content with anyone outside of your scope. Your content is 100% encrypted and securely stored in RankUpturn servers. Your content is yours and private, we never claim ownership on your content in anyway.

Your Personal Data is at 100% Encryption

Your personal data is at 100% encryption. We use different keys for different data classification to securely store your personal data. The personal or sensitive data with RankUpturn is not readable by any user or application without a valid key. For additional security, we keep our application and data storage isolated in different locations that means we do not host our application coding and database together at a single workload or server at any case.

No Interest Based Advertisements

We never sell your data for any reason. Similarly, we do not use your personal data to serve interest based advertisements as we do not use any portion of RankUpturn services including website and mobile application (whether it is available for free or paid) for interest based advertisements. Your personal data is only be used by us if it is mandatory for us to contact you to let you know your account related important notifications or if you have subscribed for our product and/or service related information.

Isolated Servers for Programming and Database

To ensure additional security, we keep our programming and database isolated each other. It means, the RankUpturn programming part (server and client side packages, class files, scripts, functions etc), and the database for personal information and all other application information storage are hosted on seperate workloads and server locations. All your personal information is 100% encrypted using different cryptographic techniques. Any personal information which we have stored in the database can’t be read without our programming part.

Restricted Access to Sensitive Data

Here at RankUpturn, not anyone can access your personal data. Only very limited key people in the organization can access the personal data and the access log along with reason for access is being kept maintained for security purposes. We always take our best efforts to keep the data safe at rest and in transit. With in the organization, we take our best efforts periodically to create awareness about user privacy and data security is the paramount thing always.

Vulnerability Monitoring and Prevention

Vulnerability monitoring and prevention is one of the most important job with RankUpturn. To identify and prevent the vulnerabilities, we continuously monitor our infrastructure. We have our best solutions at place to monitor, alert and prevent the vulnerability to ensure our application running smooth, high availability, and keep our user’s data secure and private.

TLS/SSL Security Over Communication

RankUpturn provides a comprehensive TLS/SSL deployment to secure communication between client browser and server. It means all your information is completely private when it is in transit between your computer and RankUpturn services. TLS 1.3 and/or TLS 1.2 security protocols are/is being used to secure the information in transit. The 256 and 128 bits strength cipher suites of Advanced Encryption Algorithm (AES) and Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) cryptographic techniques are being used with RankUpturn to secure end-to-end communication between your device and RankUpturn services.

No Compromise on Privacy and Data Security

Here at RankUpturn, we take every security measures and act upon to ensure RankUpturn services highly available, more secure, and are very serious on private data to earn your trust. For us, your data security and privacy comes before everything, and we do not compromise on this at any point of time. We know the trust is only created when you recognize us that we are keeping confidential information is confidential and secure.

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