Hybrid Learning Management System

K-12 Classroom and Curriculum Automation

RankUpturn is a privacy centric, highly scalable, comprehensive Hybrid Learning Management System for K-12 school districts, schools and other educational institutes to take the complete infrastructure immediately online to fully automate and make day-to-day classroom and curriculum activities seamlessly available for teachers and students from anywhere, anytime, particularly during this challenging times with COVID19. This 21st century EdTech solution is a good fit for Rotational, Traditional, Online and/or Blended mode classroom environment, requires only 2 to 5% of your existing human (teaching) resources to make quality education is equally accessible for everyone of your institution!

Subscribe today, take your complete infrastructure online, centrally reinforce the curriculum aligned learning resources, build your creative ideas into learning materials, automate all your classroom and curriculum activities for students to explore, learn, practice, value and assess the learning objectives. With this hybrid learning management system, you can effectively manage the curriculum activities, collaboration, response management and engagement records, and centrally monitor and tune the performance of every individual in your K-12 school district, school or classroom from the dashboard to drive entire force to the learning objectives from x to 5x times.

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RankUpturn: K-12 Classroom and Curriculum Automation
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