Why RankUpturn?

RankUpturn helps traditional educational institutes to scale-up digital transformation journey, adopt data driven approaches, amplify personalized learning, automate classroom and curriculum activities, always stay aware of performance trends and, find and fix performance gaps in real time to ensure the exceptional teaching and learning experience for now and forever.


The benefits of RankUpturn which help your institution to:

Quickly transform your entire institution data driven:
Scale up the digital transformation of your entire institution. The real-time data guide you to understand what's working and What's not. The powerful analytics and structured data power your decision at all times.

Provide all stakeholders a right privilege to find and fix the performance gaps in real-time:
All stakeholders including institution owners, board members, management team, principal, teachers, students and parents have the right privilege to find and fix the performance gaps in real-time.

Break the dependency on accumulating the real-time performance reports:
Accumulating the real-time performance data is natural and absolute, so no need to wait for someone to furnish the data at the last minute or no need to worry about the quality of furnished data.

Make all stakeholders more agile to take clear decisions:
The personalized notices let the stakeholders to know what matters the most which makes the user more agile to take the quick and clear decisions on how to stay ahead with the objectives.

Innovative user and access management system:
The innovative user and access management dashboard provides more control for the organization and teachers to provide, limit, block and delete the user access to your school or classroom repository on RankUpturn.

Keep the institution stay connected to the audiences at all times:
The digital transformation extends the availability of your learning resources and connectivity beyond the school hours.

Systematically amplify the personalized learning in real-time:
The tailor made procedures help to achieve the personalized learning experience for the entire audiences of your educational institution.

Provide the new degree of classroom and curriculum automation:
Automate the curriculum activities, response collection and validation, let RankUpturn take care of the rest. You can witness the new degree of automation which saves your teachers' time significantly.

Reuse the resources, reduce the workload and save time for all stakeholders:
Setup curriculum and learning resources once, optimize and reuse resources for the upcoming academic years, and pave the way to save the additional time for your teachers.

Provide real-time insightful performance analytics or trend of your entire institution:
Always stay informed of real-time performance trend of your entire institution. No matter how big is your institution, the insightful analytics with large set of data helps you to identify performance gap in few minutes.

Break the communication gaps between different stakeholders of the institution:
The unified communication (instant chat, audio and video) channel provides the way to break the communication barriers to reach out your audiences. The well structured communication channel never allow anyone to misuse the facility.

Provide the exceptional teaching and learning experience at all times:
Adopting the technology to your traditional institution maximize the possibilities to enable the data driven approaches, classroom and curriculum automation, increase the productivity, save time and make your resources always available.

Increase the overall responsibility and performance at all levels:
The well structured data driven approaches and transparent performance trend reports always keep all connected audiences to stay focus on their objectives, which increases or double the responsibility of all your audiences will increase the performance organically at all levels.

More secure, reliable and policy compliance:
All the aforesaid benefits can be achieved with RankUpturn by without compromising the data security, reliability, privacy and all the statutory policy compliances.

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