Create and Automate Your First Live Contest

With RankUpturn, you can make your classroom interesting and fun filled with the right content yet fulfilling the learning objectives. Live Contest is an integral part of Task Maker with RankUpturn. It’s a simple automation tool that allow teachers to create instant live contests and measure the learning gaps instantly. Measure the students ability or learning outcomes instantly is much easier with RankUpturn’s Task Maker. Live contest can be of anything between a single topic to entire topics of your entire curriculum. Create, automate and go live with your competition to make your classroom more interesting and fun filled!.

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RankUpturn: Live Contest

How to Create and Collaborate with Live Contest?

  1. Go To Task Maker.
  2. Click on Create Activity.
  3. Choose Live Contest.
  4. Type-in your Title of the Contest.
  5. Type-in or upload the Question or Objective.
  6. Select the Response Collection as Choose the Right Answer.
  7. Type-in or upload the Options for Answer.
  8. Set the Right Answer for system validation.
  9. Enter the Credit or Mark value for the Right and Wrong Answer.
  10. Add as many questions and/or objectives if required by following the above procedure.
  11. Choose the Ranking to measure the results.
  12. Schedule the Live Contest.
  13. Publish and Watch the students' Responses.
  14. Announce the Winner.
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