RankUpturn LMS: The Objectives of PARENT User Accounts

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The PARENT User Account

Generally parents play an important role in their kids’ education after subject teachers. So it becomes more important to provide the necessary tools, resources and channels for them to understand the performance trend and fill the learning needs of their kids. With RankUpturn LMS, an educational institution can provide the proper channels and tools for the parents to understand the strengths and weaknesses of his/her kid in the academic learning. By doing so, the parents can be able to statistically understand the performance gaps over the period of time and take the necessary actions to help their kid to fill the learning needs. In addition to reaching the objectives, the how-to videos provided in this article help Parent users to easily understand how to initially get started with RankUpturn LMS Parent User: The user type Parent denotes the corresponding parent or guardian of any student of your institution over RankUpturn. The Parent will have access to the corresponding student’s (kid’s) account and learning resources, if the Parent Login is enabled by the classroom admin. The parent can’t respond to the learning activities but can see what content is being shared, how the kid is performing and what is the learning gap over the period of time.
The primary aims of Parent User account is to:
  1. help the parents to clearly understand their kid’s strengths and weaknesses in learning,
  2. plan and prepare their kid for what’s ahead in curriculum learning,
  3. maximize the connectivity to the teachers and institution,
  4. take the necessary actions to fill the learning gaps.

How-to Videos to Start Understand and Fill the Learning Needs:

  • how to clearly understand the strength and weaknesses (learning needs) of my kid?
  • how to make the clear decisions to help my kid perform better?
  • how to plan and prepare my kid for the upcoming learning activities?
  • how to communicate with the subject teachers of my kid?
By providing the proper tools and channels, an educational institution can have the parents well informed of their kid’s strengths and weaknesses in learning so that the parents can also be able to make the clear decisions to assist their kid’s performance better. Therefore, get started with a free subscription today to experience how RankUpturn LMS uniquely helps the Parents to understand their kid’s learning needs and make the clear decisions to help their kid to fill the learning gaps effectively.
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